Q What are the requirements to work with Ace High Marketing?

A You must be 18 years or older, have a valid government issued Identification and be legally allowed to work in the United States to be considered. Any special requirements will be indicated in the email blast of posting. Some events will require a criminal background check.


Q Does Ace High Marketing have a job board or a list of upcoming promotional opportunities?


A No. We send out an email notification to registered talent of any/all upcoming events in their areas. We also post our jobs via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, so make sure to regularly check your email and our social media pages.


Q How should I respond to an email blast or posting?


A When responding to an e-mail blast or posting, please follow the instructions listed in the posting or e-mail as it directs. Please review the entire posting to make sure you fit the demographic of the posting. Once those initial steps have been completed, then email the designated staffing coordinator displayed in the e-mail blast or posting in the manner directed. If no contact is given please reply to Please make sure you only give information requested. Too much or too little information will get you disqualified for not properly following directions.


Q How does communication work between independent contractor and Ace High Marketing, LLC once booked?

A We communicate via email, phone and text. Please be sure to check your email regularly including your spam folder. If you have any questions, issues or problems after being booked for an event please call the staffing coordinator who booked you. If your question, issue, problem is within 24 hours of your event or you have any short notice or time-sensitive issues then please call the booking coordinator immediately.

Q What is the appropriate attire when working events?

A Attire changes per event. Your attire will be discussed with you by your staffing coordinator once booked and will be in your booking confirmation and event details. 

Q What if an issue or problem persists during an event?

A If during an event, you have any questions, issues or problems, please give us a call or inform your onsite contact. Please do not wait to address your question, issue, or problem. Immediately contact the staffing coordinator who booked you or your onsite contact. Don't wait until your shift is over or next day. Call us so we can help you and fix it right away so that the program is executed properly.

Q Am I an Independent Contractor or Employee when working with Ace High Marketing?

A When you work for Ace High Marketing, you are considered an independent contractor and not an employee of Ace High Marketing. You agree to assume all responsibility for withholding any applicable federal, social security, state, and city taxes and for procuring public liability. We will not be responsible for providing you any form of insurance. Ace High Marketing assumes no responsibility for any loss to person or property. Additionally, unless stated in your contract you are not prohibited from working events with other promotional companies similar to Ace High Marketing.

Q How and when will I get compensated?

A Ace High Marketing, LLC agrees to pay you for hours worked not contracted and you will be compensated in the time frame that your contract states. All expenses must be turned in 24 hours after the event is complete to be eligible for reimbursement. Compensation will be in the form of a check mailed to the address stated on your W9 or direct deposit if you have signed up for it in a timely manner.

Q Why did I not receive a 1099 form?

A If you have worked for Ace High Marketing, LLC in the previous year and have not received a 1099 form, you did not meet the federal threshold of $600.00. If you need documentation of income earned, please email

Q How do I update my information?

A If you have moved and need to update or change your information, email This includes, phone numbers, mailing address, email address and other information such as your skills/experience level, an updated resume (in word doc or PDF format), or photos (as attachments no links).

Essentially if you have moved, please make sure to include in the email the new markets you can now work. Our intent is to keep our nationwide staff busy with our fun programs and not let them miss out on any opportunities.